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It is believed that traditional West African cloth making was first introduced in Bonwire, a village in the Ejisu-Juaben Municipal district in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It was there that indigenes were first noted as engaging in the production of the Kente cloth, the most recognizable of all African textiles. Kente comes from the word ‘Kenten’, which means basket.
The Asante people referred to Kente as Nwentoma or “woven cloth” used primarily for the creation of beautiful adornment worn by the Chieftains and Kings. Today it is still widely utilized in the Ghanaian community, commonly on bright display during occasions like the installation of Chiefs, and at festivals and other gatherings.
The period of modernization in Ghana during 20th century brought tremendous change to the fashion industry. The production of Kente cloth was expanded to every corner of the country.
The youth were eager to use the Kente cloth in producing different types of products and began using cheaper source materials that would reduce the cost of the Kente cloth which was still often seen as an expensive woven cloth worn only by the affluent.
Kente is one of the significant aspect of the African fashion, you are easily identified as an African when you wear a kente product, its one of our main fashion exports in Ghana.
Even though enough capital isn’t pushed into the fashion industry especially with Kente production in Bonwire to encourage a very large scale production and increase our total revenue from foreign export, we should admit that Kente is a major element which has boosted and is still boosting the Ghanaian fashion industry.
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Some part of this write up was obtained from an Article by Rex Osei Doku
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The name is Owusu Daniel Sylvester, Am an African, Ghanaian to be precise. A first Degree holder from Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology in Ghana. A Diploma in Oil and Gas Management from the Institute for Professional and Executive Development from the United Kingdom. An MBA (Finance) from the University of Ghana Business School. I believe in the African Heritage/Cultural elements since its the only identity that makes me UNIQUE among others from different continents. I represent Africa and i wish to promote and Project her as the shining STAR especially through fashion as a result OUTPHYTZ (the AFRICAN CLOTHING SHOP) a brand that exposes African Fashion to the world