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Who is the most experienced to talk about LOVE?
Maybe you have an answer, honestly i don’t because i see LOVE as a school of life
For which no award is given to recognize your participation as well as completion
Maybe you thought of marriage as the award to signify LOVE, no because most people you and i know don’t LOVE each other even to the extent that some believe they made the wrong choice.
So what then is Love?
Who then has LOVE?

I may define LOVE as that of a mother, similarly you may define it as that of a father
Some might say of a friend, others even of a pet
What i see is LOVE has a connection with LIFE,
Everything with LIFE has LOVE
LOVE revolves around animate object
Humans have flaws
And LOVE is the remedy to these flaws

LOVE is compassion, LOVE is forgiving, LOVE is strength, LOVE is happiness,LOVE is sacrificing, LOVE is not an investment like we do in relation to the theory of Reciprocity, where i give/show LOVE and expect to get it back in the same fold or more than
We accept each other because we have LOVE which makes us oversee our daily flaws as beings
LOVE is a great thing… It is never difficult
Hence we (Humans) are difficult
We hold onto flaws and grudges
LOVE can’t thrive with grudges like Night can’t thrive in the Day

None is most experienced to talk about LOVE but all have been endowed with it freely
Hence we must show freely
Everyone can talk about LOVE
Because as long as we have LIFE and LIVE it
Our flaws will exhibit itself beautifully like Pregnancy without alerting us.
And it is with LOVE that we can be WINNERS over our flaws.

LOVE is a beautiful thing
Let LOVE lead always.
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About The Author


The name is Owusu Daniel Sylvester, Am an African, Ghanaian to be precise. A first Degree holder from Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology in Ghana. A Diploma in Oil and Gas Management from the Institute for Professional and Executive Development from the United Kingdom. An MBA (Finance) from the University of Ghana Business School. I believe in the African Heritage/Cultural elements since its the only identity that makes me UNIQUE among others from different continents. I represent Africa and i wish to promote and Project her as the shining STAR especially through fashion as a result OUTPHYTZ (the AFRICAN CLOTHING SHOP) a brand that exposes African Fashion to the world