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In the 90’s we were born

Then our journey in this noble country begun

A lot of experiences and elections have come to pass and we can’t understand

We have hoped for the best but always seen the same excuses that we can’t over-stand

Our Land is abundantly blessed with natural resources like Gold, Diamond, Timber a lot more and even recently Oil

What do we gain or have gained from such resources, this makes our hearts boil

The young employed are constantly taxed but benefit from nothing from these taxes we pay

Where did we go wrong?

What did we do wrong?

Politicians fight among themselves whilst we are below them observing

Observing what?

Observing nothing!!!!

How many of them bring in money due to their influence (i don’t mean a loan) because we have to pay back a loan

I mean using their influence to get benefits or free Benjamins to undertake projects in this ‘oman’

You don’t use our taxes to do what you want and expect us to hail you for bringing up an innovation

Like seriously it is my money (tax) in fact taxes of citizens not your (Politician) personal fund organization

Hence you deserve no accolade

We can’t continue like this…

The whole idea of tax is to put funds from citizens together

Get that huge sum and push it into something profitable for the benefit of the citizenry

It is simple, the unemployed do pay a lot of indirect taxes

However the employed and high wage earners pay extra taxes like Pay as you earn (P.A.Y.E.)

Employers and other transactors do pay withholding taxes too

Just for the government to undertake Projects

For the benefit of all hence the rich pays for the poor to benefit then together we grow

But what do we see…the reverse!!!!

Day in Day out we put in energy in whatever we do

But what do we get from the government?

Diabolic politricking causing the citizenry to hustle!!!

Do we give up on this noble nation?

Do we keep praying?

Do we keep voting and still see things get worse?

Should we stop voting?

Do we have to rethink about the ages of most of our leaders?

Are they very proactive in this our technology era…

A lot carry IPADS but can’t use them

A lot have a phobia for technology

How do we survive in a technological era with our policies and strategies

Championed by leaders with a phobia for technology use!!!!!!!

Are the youth being involved in the governance of this country?

Probably Yes…

Are they failing us…

If the youth are being involved and they are technologically inclined but we are still not growing as a country

Then there is a big problem we need to address as a nation and a people

But hey it boils down to you and i.

Finally i have a title for this write up….






About The Author


The name is Owusu Daniel Sylvester, Am an African, Ghanaian to be precise. A first Degree holder from Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology in Ghana. A Diploma in Oil and Gas Management from the Institute for Professional and Executive Development from the United Kingdom. An MBA (Finance) from the University of Ghana Business School. I believe in the African Heritage/Cultural elements since its the only identity that makes me UNIQUE among others from different continents. I represent Africa and i wish to promote and Project her as the shining STAR especially through fashion as a result OUTPHYTZ (the AFRICAN CLOTHING SHOP) a brand that exposes African Fashion to the world